Are we really doing BLACK FRIDAY?

Oh boy, it’s been a busy day. Guess everyone is trying to get in their last few workouts before Thanksgiving.

So, when I write these daily-ish emails, I do my best to provide you with as much value as one can get from an email.

And today is no different.


…today’s email is purely financial value.

We’ve done something we have NEVER done.

And it feels very uncomfortable.

So, it must be right:)

We’re getting in the Black Friday spirit and offering our Crew this:

When you join the 18STRONG Membership Annual plan, we are going to give you ALL of our training programs for just $99/yr!

There’s a guy on late at night who sells knives on tv, and as he keeps adding products to the bundle, he repeatedly says, “You get this…in your deal.”

So, here’s what you get…in your deal:

  • Golf Body Blueprint
  • Golf Body Blueprint – Activate
  • Monthly Workout
  • 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Distance
  • Golfer’s Fat Loss Blueprint
  • Golf Body Blueprint – Anywhere
  • Golfer’s Warm-Up Blueprint


I’m sure you can add that up and it’d cost around $1k if you bought everything individually, but I’m a physical therapist, not a used-car salesman.

You get it.

You can check out the details here:

Alright, I’ve gotta go freeze my you-know-whats-off at another cousin’s soccer match.

Tomorrow, I’ve got a weird story about a car accident I saw last night – nobody was hurt, but it was crazy.

Stay Strong,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – I’m really not sure how we talked ourselves into giving away the kitchen sink, but that’s what makes this so fun, right?

You can click here to check out our Black Friday special.