Benefits of fish oil

Well, that was certainly an odd weekend in the world of golf. 

I don’t want to overshadow Xander’s wire-to-wire win, and how enjoyable the final round was to watch, so I’ll save my Scottie Scheffler thoughts for another day. 

Today, let’s talk supplements.  

Specifically, fish oil. 

And of all the supplements I take, I’ve been taking fish oil the longest (not including Flintstone’s vitamins when I was a kid). 

It is also one of the least understood. 

I started taking fish oil for heart and brain health, but there are a ton of additional benefits like: 

  • Lower inflammation (helps with joint pain) 
  • Help lower blood pressure 
  • Fat loss (helps with insulin sensitivity)  

Now, I’m not the expert in this arena, so I lean heavily on our guys and gals at 1stPhorm (Nick and Eliza are awesome) who pointed me to this article on their website: 

The Benefits of Fish Oil 

It’s nice and short, but still a great information-packed read.  

I highly recommend you check it out. 

Alright, I’ve got a client on the way who needs my help summoning his inner-Xander this week:) 



PS – If you’re curious, I take the Omega-3 Fish Oil from 1stPhorm. 

And like most good fish oil supplements, be prepared for the “fishy burps” a few hours later. I guess that’s how we know it’s working. 

Here’s the a link to the article: The Benefits of Fish Oil