Whey Protein: Yes or No?

Yesterday, we talked about fish oil, so let’s keep the supplement party going with one of my favorites: 

Whey Protein 

For years, I had my numbers all wrong when it came to how much protein I was consuming every day. 

Conventional wisdom was that we had to eat half our target body weight in protein…in grams, not lbs:) 

For me, my target body weight is usually around 160 lbs, so I always tried to eat 80g of protein every day to improve my body composition, build muscle, etc. 

I was wrong. 

Turns out, I should have been eating 1g of protein for every pound of my target weight, or 160g every day. 

And if I want to stay lean, that’s not always easy to do…that’s a lot of protein. 

Which is why whey protein is so valuable to my diet. 

I can drink one shake and add 20g or 40g of protein in 5 minutes. 

To be fair, there is no substitute for getting your protein through food, but that’s not always possible or convenient. 

So, my protein shakes help me a lot. 

But, the question is this: 

Is it right for you and your goals? 

If you’re curious, I highly recommend you check out this article: 


You’ll not only learn what in the world whey protein is, but more importantly… 

Pros and cons for you.  

It’s a very good read that answers everything you need to know about whey protein. 

Of course, you can do a really deep dive into the science, but I’d rather listen to the experts dumb it down for me. 



Alright, if you need a flavor recommendation, you can never go wrong with chocolate milkshake or strawberry. 

You can click here to go to the article.