Macros are waaay simpler than I ever thought

Well, I must have struck a nerve with what is now becoming nutrition week. 

We’ve gotten some great feedback about fish oil on Monday, and whey protein yesterday, so let’s lean into it with today’s topic… 

MACROS (macronutrients) 

Now, before you hit delete because I’m about to get deep into the science world…I’m not. 

In fact, for years, I totally resisted any sort of “advanced” tracking of macros in my food. 

I always had visions of guys weighing their food. 

Watching every crumb they put in their bodies. 

And not enjoying their restrictive lives. 

BUT, you know that ain’t me. 

When we talk about macros, we’re only talking about these four things: 

  1. Protein 
  2. Carbs 
  3. Fat 
  4. Calories 

You’re probably casually paying attention to them anyway, so let’s finally set the record straight here: 


In the article, you’ll quickly calculate your macros for building muscle OR maintenance, so there’s a little something for everyone. 

Once you find your numbers, it’s very easy to track them throughout the day. 

Again, that is something I fought for years, but once I got over myself and started tracking my macros, my body composition dramatically changed. 

My cousin Ryan (18STRONG co-founder) is a perfect example. 

After a few months of dialing in his macros, he gained 5-ish lbs, but his pants fit way better…he lost fat in his ass and waist, but gained muscle in the “glamour” areas. 

And he swears that his newfound muscle and doing standing cable twists added 15+ yards to his drives. 

I cannot confirm or deny that’s the reason, but he is striping the ball. 

Alright, if you’re interested in really dialing in your diet, you can click here to check out he article