Shoulder and Trunk Rotation

As we get older. As our time gets scarcer. As we get a little complacent, our bodies start to get a little stiffer than when we were younger, bulletproof and made out of rubber. Two of those areas that really affect our golf swing are our shoulders and trunk. The


Six Simple Exercises For Golfers Over 50

As our bodies get older, it’s important that our exercises and workouts evolve to not only work on our weaknesses, but perhaps more importantly, take advantage of our strengths. With that in mind, Jeff has put together a short video that will take you by the hand and walk you


Hip Rotation: The Secret to Quickly Lowering Your Scores?

In the first segment of the video, Jeff demonstrates an extremely simple assessment to determine your level of mobility. Once you’ve determined whether or not you need work on your mobility, Jeff goes over an extremely effective exercise to get your body moving farther in both your backswing and follow-through.