Better Shoulder Turn For Golfers

If you’ve ever tried to move something really heavy like a dresser, sofa or Mack truck for you professional strongmen, you’ll immediately notice it is much easier to pull an object versus pushing it.

Rotating your shoulders in your backswing is no different…


Pressing Exercises For Golfers

Just like a tee box, fairway and green on a par 5 are necessary, there are fundamental pieces that each golf workout needs to have, and one of those pieces is some sort of a pressing exercise…


Unilateral Exercises – Don’t Cheat Your Weak Side

Unilateral Exercises sounds like a fancy term, but it simply means to focus training one leg or one arm at a time.

Everyone is naturally imbalanced because we all have a dominant leg, hand or arm. The problem is that during combined exercises our dominant side will bear an unequal amount of the load.


[What?Why?How?] This Land Is Your Land, This Landmine

Usually pushed to the back corner of most gyms and unidentifiable, the landmine may be the best piece of equipment in the gym you’ve never heard of. The chip clip of gym equipment Everyone on the planet has said to themselves, “That is so simple. I wish I would have