“Don’t go changing to try and please me”

Ah yes, great words from Billy Joel.

Even though he stole and married my all-time crush, Christie Brinkley, I’m still a fan.

Speaking of changing…

Do you know the #1 reason yesterday was “Quitter’s Day” (the day more people than not have quit their New Year’s resolution)?

It’s this…

Changing Too Much At Once

Also known as the “All-In” fallacy, this is when you get super excited about the big outcome you’re working towards, you’re willing to tell yourself just about anything.

And throw the kitchen sink at it.

When we decide to get into shape, we often start:

Getting up early every morning to run

Lifting weights at the gym 5 days per week

Following a radical, uber-restrictive diet

Now, if you follow that path, you bet you’re a$$ you’re going to get in shape….

BUT, you have to stick with it.

And the problem is most people can’t – myself included.

It’s too much.

It’s too stressful.

It’s a house of cards.

As soon as one little thing goes wrong, like an unexpectedly long day of work, the whole thing falls apart.

Don’t take my word for it, research tells the story:

  • Changing one behavior at time – 80% chance you’ll retain the habit for 1+ years
  • Changing two behaviors at time – less than 35% chance you’ll retain the habit for 1+ years
  • Changing three behaviors at time – less than 5% chance you’ll retain the habit for 1+ years

You’re a smart golfer.

You can clearly see what you need to do.

Change ONE thing at a time.

ONLY once it is ingrained for a few weeks should you move to another.

Simple. Simple. Simple.


PS – If you’re an “All-In” person.

Just had your eyes opened.

And are ready to fix this forever.

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Let’s simplify things and make it fun.