Exercising more in 2023 is a horrible goal

Welcome back to the real world. Most were off work yesterday, so today is the day we all get back in the swing of things after a nice, long holiday season.

So, which of the top five resolutions did you choose this year…

  1. Exercise more
  2. Lose weight
  3. Get organized
  4. Learn a new skill or hobby
  5. Save money

Those are always atop the leaderboard year after year. And those are all really, really bad goals.

But Jeff, how could exercising more be a bad goal? And who doesn’t want to get more organized (myself included)?

They are bad goals because they are too broad.

What does “exercise more” mean? Maybe you exercised three times in 2022…so exercise once a month in 2023, and you’ve smashed your goal by 4X.

Instead of vague goals that you can’t possibly track with any sort of accuracy, choose a few realistic, but challenging habits you can measure with a Yes or No.

Here’s what I mean:

Decide you are going to walk for 25 minutes each morning for the next 30 days. At the end of each day, you track with one measure: Did you do it? Yes or no?

After 30 days, you’ll start to experience all of the benefits – like weight loss, more energy, better sleep, etc.

Don’t worry about the end goal. Buy into the process. And the goals will come.

Here are a few more examples to get your creative juices flowing for the next 30 days:

  • Lose weight – Only eat non-processed foods everyday
  • Get organized – Write a To-Do list at the end of each day
  • Learn a new skill or hobby – Read 10 pages of a book dedicated to your hobby each day
  • Save money – Put $20 cash into a jar everyday

Each one of those habits can be answered with a Yes or No. Either you did it, or you didn’t. There’s no grey area for excuses or BS.

Then, after 30, 60 or 90 days when you’re ready, add another realistic, challenging habit.

By the end of 2023, you will have magically transformed into the best version of yourself.

Keep it simple. Keep it realistic. Keep it moving forward.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – One of the best habits golfers can adopt is simply moving every single day.

In the 18STRONG Membership, we have the Daily Motion – a 5-8 minute routine you can do in your office that gets your golf areas moving (neck, shoulders, hips, ankles, trunk).

You won’t even break a sweat.

Get started there, then come back in 30 days and stack on some more goodies.