Failing is good

Happy Tuesday! Did you know the Avett Brothers have a song titled February Seven? It’s a great jam.

I wish I could say I planned it out, but the ending of the chorus ties directly into what we’ve been talking about the last few days.

Yesterday, we talked about Making A Decision being the first step to consistently moving forward. Or as the Avett Bros say…

Now I’m rested and I’m ready
I’m rested and I’m ready to begin
I’m ready to begin

So, let’s get off our a$$es, listen to Scott and Seth Avett, and begin!

Maybe you’re afraid to fail…again. I get it. I’ve failed more times than I care to remember.

After all, changing your behavior is challenging. It’s very normal not to succeed the first (or second, third, fourth…) go around.

Don’t beat yourself up. And have some self-compassion if you’re struggling.

Here’s the thing…

Failure Is Good

In fact, it can be your direct path to success.

When you try new, positive things, you’re at least failing towards the right system. And if you ain’t buying it, I’m going to prove it to you by week’s end (or, at least get you thinking that failure may not be something to fear).

First off…

Failure Provides Data – Every attempt teaches us something, whether we succeed or not.
I was listening to the Founders podcast a few weeks ago and found out it took James Dyson 5,271 prototypes before he found a vacuum that worked.

For example, let’s say you begin a new schedule that you’re gonna work out three times per week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Like all of the best laid plans, the first few weeks go swimmingly, then kids’ spring sports start and getting to the gym at 5p is no longer an option. So, your gym bag goes in the trunk of your car…and stays there.

You have two ways to look at it:

  1. You failed at sustaining your workout routine.
  2. You learned that kids’ sports sometimes spill into your gym time. And now you need to think of a backup plan for when you can’t get to the gym (e.g. walk during kids’ practice or before games, bring your exercise bands, find a bodyweight-only workout).

Just like Mr. Dyson (now worth $22B), the only way for us to learn lessons is through experimentation.
Each time you run an “experiment”, the more you improve your odds of success.

Tomorrow, we’re going to dive a little bit deeper. BUT, please don’t wait to begin. If I’ve got you thinking, then ride that wave of belief.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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To be fair, none of the training programs in the 18STRONG Membership are perfect, but everyday we’re experimenting in the gym to get as close as we can. And we’ll help you find the “perfect” program for you.

You’ve got this!