“False advertising” 

Yesterday was officially the first day of May, but today feels like we’ve really closed the book on April. And with May comes new goals for us lunatic golfers. 

But before we jump in… 

This morning, I woke up to an email from Facebook with a list of all of the comments from the previous week’s posts. 

So, one of the most popular ways we get new golfers into our Crew is by giving away The Ultimate Golf Workout Safety Guide. In fact, that may be how you found us. 

New golfers give us their email address so we can send it to them. Then, they hopefully get some value out of it. When they do, they begin to trust us so that we can help them change their fitness, golf, and ultimately their lives. 

Most golfers get the Safety Guide and we never hear from them again – very normal. They’re just giving us a look. Some like us. Some don’t. No big deal. 

Then, some guys go out of their way to tell us how full of s*** they think we are. One of the comments from last week on our Safety Guide post was simply this: 

“False advertising.” 

It’s not a regular occurrence, but it does happen. 

I responded asking if he had not received his Safety Guide. To which I heard nothing but crickets. 

Now, if I’m being honest with you, my actual first reaction was to turn to my wife, and say, “F that guy!” 

I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but I do – every time. Then, I calm myself down. Realize we’re never going to please everyone. And move on with my life. 

This morning though, I thought a little deeper about those trolls who leave nasty, unwarranted comments. And I realized something I never had. 

The kind of person who leaves those comments is a loser. And I don’t mean that in a funny, the-guy-my-sister-is-dating-is-a-loser kinda way. I honestly mean that person is a loser. 

That’s a guy you and I would never want to golf with because he’ll find something to complain about the entire round. 

That guy loves playing the victim role. 

That guy loves that “accountability” is not in his vocabulary. 

That guy loves excuses. 

And that is a guy who will never succeed with his golf or his fitness. Even though we all see people in great shape walking around the world. Everyone is full of it…which is his default for any challenge. 

And ultimately, I came to this conclusion: 

I don’t give a s*** what that guy thinks. 

I care about what you and the rest of our Crew think. The golfers who know it’s up to them if they are going to change.  

We’re just here to give you the tools and support you need. We don’t have a magic pill. Nobody does. 

Okay, rant over. 

If you need our help, we’re here for you. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – Speaking of tools, the best tool we can provide you is the 18STRONG Membership App.  

Not only will you have access to ALL of our training programs…BUT you’ll also have a messaging platform directly to the support you need.