Fascia, not fascist.

“Don’t try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring. Besides that, they’re fascist.”True words spoken by Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) in Bull Durham.So, I was lying in bed early this morning thinking about our fascial system – the big, elastic spider web inside our bodies that connects and holds our bodies together.More specifically, how can we continue to take advantage of our newfound knowledge of the system.And, for whatever reason, I kept replaying that scene from Bull Durham in my head…to be fair, it is a great scene.Once I wrangled in my ADHD, I kept coming back to one thing…Mobility.Of course, we launched the 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Mobility last Friday so it’s been on my mind.But, I know we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.So, let me take a step back here.Here’s the system we’re talking about:
That’s a very simplified version of the network of “rubber bands” that holds us together, but it’s the best picture I’ve seen to help visualize what’s happening.There are two golfers, Jack and Jim.Jack is a 22-yr-old golfer who, when he swings, looks like he is made of rubber – super smooth, full backswing, great impact, and pretty follow-thru.Jim is Jack’s Dad. He’s basically a 55-yr-old version of Jack.When he swings, he looks like stiff as a board – shortened backswing, swinging with mostly arms, and an almost non-existent follow-thru.The difference is that Jack’s fascia, ie his body’s rubber band, is still naturally very stretchy.Just like the rubber bands we get from the mailman.Jim, on the other hand, has a rubber band that has been sitting in the junk drawer since they moved into his house 15 years ago.And is dry-rotted, barely hanging on.Now, before technology caught up we just thought, “Yeah, that’s just what happens when you get old.”Today, we know that we can take the “junk drawer” rubber band, dip it in oil…And restore it back to its younger days.Which is what 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Mobility does for your body’s rubber band.We focus on the rubber bands around your hips, shoulders, trunk and ankles……the most crucial areas to…Crate the rotation needed for a consistent, comfortable, solid golf swing.

All in the next two weeks.Okay, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go dig up my Bull Durham DVD:)STAY STRONG,
JeffPS – IF you want to put your body’s rubber band in a time machine, then you should definitely join us in 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Mobility.   

It’s 100% focused on getting you feeling smooth, loose and free every time you swing.See you on the inside!