First-Ever “After Dinner”

It’s time for the long-awaited, first installment of “18STRONG: After Dinner”

We’ve been wanting to put together a regular email about nutrition, fat loss, and supplements for as long as we can remember. And…

I know you’re used to seeing Jeff’s name on emails, but this is his cousin, co-founder, and guy-behind-the-guy-behind-the-guy, Ryan McMullen.

So, as we bid farewell to the warmer days. And welcome the crisp, cooler air, there’s a common narrative that starts to unfold…

“It’s time to get your flu shot.”

BUT, what if I told you there’s no such thing as the “flu season”.

What if our bodies, due to a lack of essential vitamins, mainly vitamin D, simply become more susceptible to illnesses during the colder months?

Here’s why: Vitamin D is the cornerstone of our immune defense mechanisms.

And our best source of which is exposure to the sun – hence, the nickname, “the sunshine vitamin”.

Now, as the weather gets colder. And the days get shorter. Our exposure to the sun dramatically decreases.

And the subsequent decrease in vitamin D levels is a crucial factor in making us more vulnerable to infections and illnesses.

So, there really is no “flu season”…

Instead, we have a “Vitamin D deficiency season”.

Over the next few days, we’ll explore the concept further.

And give you practical and science-backed strategies to maintain optimal vitamin D levels to enhance our immune function, include supplementation.

So, tune-in for the flu-free season we’re about to tip in our favor.

Hit ‘em straight,

PS – I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather take a vitamin D supplement than take the flu shot and pray it “might” be for the right version…Big Pharma has done very little in the past to give me any faith in their intention$.