I challenge you …

We’re gonna shake things up a bit today.

Yesterday our focus was on EXERCISE and how starting simple will set you up for long-term success.

And that’s absolutely TRUE.

But if you’re in the 18STRONG CREW, you’re likely not going to be satisfied with just taking a stroll in the park.

So today, I’m gonna throw a little physical challenge your way in an effort to light your fire 🔥 and tap into your competitive spirit.

If you didn’t know, at the beginning of the year we started doing Monthly Challenge Workouts over on our Instagram page.

It’s been a fun way to get the CREW more connected. Here’s the deal…

On the 1st of each month, we put out an Instagram post about the new month’s workout challenge, and it’s been a HUGE hit!

It’s typically more of a circuit-style workout that’s meant to be pretty quick and dirty.

Often it will have some sort of a competitive component to it, which you can use to challenge your buddies, other 18STRONG’ers, or just yourself.  

Here’s the post from Feb 1st, we named this one “The Ole 29’er”(click the image to watch) …

Now, since you’re in the CREW already (or maybe you don’t have an Instagram account) you can also  just find the details of “The Ole 29’er” on our website HERE.

Some of the guys have loved the challenge workout so much this month that they are doing the “29’er” every day for the rest of the month!

Are you up for the CHALLENGE?

If so, let us know how it goes. 

Reply to this email (or tag @18strong in a post on Instagram) with what weights you used and how many rounds you finished.

The current record is 9 rounds 😳 with a 50lb DB from our buddy Nick “Jonesy” Jones up in Wisconsin with my boy Dave “The Badger” Winfrey in a close 2nd at 8 & 5/6 rounds.

You’ve got this.


PS – If you’re ilooking for more of a step-by-step, foundational program, you can always find the Golf Body Blueprint – Activate in the 18STRONG Membership.You can instantly access it here: https://www.go18strong.com/app-test-drive