It’s MORE than just golf.

Happy Friday morning, my fellow lean, mean, golf and fitness machine!

It’s gonna be a great weekend.

But, before we all scatter for a fun weekend of hitting the links, I want to share with you an email we received on Wednesday afternoon in the hopes that it may help inspire you:

Jeff and Ryan,

I wanted to send you guys a thank you note.  My middle son is a junior at the University of Virginia, but he’s studying abroad this semester in Barcelona, Spain. My oldest son and I are visiting him and traveling this week in Spain as his semester has come to a close. Today we hiked in a mountainous area of a national park called “Los Picos de Europa” in northwestern Spain, just a bit west of where Seve grew up near Santander.

As I was hiking up and down the side of a steep mountain today, I was thankful for all of the lunges, squats and split squats that I’ve done through 18STRONG over the past 2+ years. I was able to keep up with my sons in their early 20s with no problem (I’m 54). I started two years ago to address recurring back pain and improve my golf game (mobility and speed through strength), and it’s helped all those things and more.

I want to let you guys know that I appreciate what you do. It’s helpful to have support in the golf community for those that care about being healthy and fit. Unfortunately for many golfers, that’s not necessarily the case – at least at my club. I want to continue to be active and play high-quality golf for years to come and your program is a big part of making that happen.


I couldn’t put it any better…”I want to continue to be active and play high-quality golf for years to come…”

And as a sidenote, I love thinking about those young punks (I’m sure they’re great kids) trying to keep up with the “old” buck through the mountains of Spain. Boy, that’d make a great 18STRONG commercial.

In any event, I hope Eric’s words may help get you moving on those days when you’re not feeling it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta get in some lunges and squats so my 15-yr-old doesn’t think he can take me in golf this weekend.

Eventually, he will. But he’s inspired me to make it as hard as possible for him to take the torch:)

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – If you want to join Eric and the rest of the Crew in our quest to keep those young chumps in their place, then I highly encourage you to join the 18STRONG Membership.