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By on May 21, 2018
josh satterlee

When you think of pioneers in the Golf and Fitness Podcasting world, one of the first names that should come to mind is Josh Satterlee. Not only has Josh been working with golfers for many years as a clinician, he was one of the first guys I know that had a podcast in the golf world. And although The Dr. Josh Show has been long retired, it definitely played a part in inspiring what we do here at 18STRONG.

Josh has moved on to a new chapter in his professional life, helping other clinicians create the kind of facility that he did, known as the “Clinic Gym Hybrid.” I wanted to bring him on to share some of his advice for the clinicians and trainers about creating a more fulfilling and successful golf fitness business, as well as talk to the golfers on what kind of facilities are out there and what you should look for when you are getting involved with a fitness program or a medical professional.

Dr. Josh Satterlee’s Background

  • Josh Satterlee is a Chiropractor, Certified Active Release Techniques Provider, Certified Functional Movement Systems Provider, Certified Golf Medical Provider.
  • His education includes Southern California University of Health Science Doctor of Chiropractic Program and the Bozeman Bachelor of Science: Biomechanics / Exercise Science from Montana State University.
  • He is certified and licensed as a Licensed Chiropractic Physician, Titleist Performance Institute Medical Level 3, Titleist Performance Institute Junior Coach Level 3, Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Instructor Level 3, SFMA Certified, Active Release Techniques, Upper Extremity Certification, Active Release Techniques, Lower Extremity Certification, Active Release Techniques, Spine Certification, Active Release Techniques, Nerve Entrapment Certification, Active Release Techniques, Full Body Certification, Kinesio Taping Certification, and Sole Supports, Orthotic Casting Certification
  • He is currently a SFMA National Instructor for Functional Movement Systems, an Instructor for Titleist Performance Institute, and a National Instructor for the North American Sports Medicine Institute

Highlights from this Episode

  • Josh starts by talking on how he got into the world of golf, fitness, and chiropractic; from growing up in a golfing family with his grandfathers driving range business, getting into instructing from his first set of clubs from his dad, and falling in love with the chiropractic side when he saw what it did to help his dads pain when he fell ill.
  • We talk about his facility: The benefits of having both the training and chiropractic in house, How he made it work through the systems and process’ he put in play, and why the golfers and community loved it so much. He talks about how Anthem Fitness shaped his view on training and the importance of hybrid facilities.
  • The first step a medical professional or clinician should take to bolster their business, and greatly improve their practice like looking at insurance models, the importance of collaboration rather than separation in terms of physical therapists and chiropractors, and how the best long-term maintenance care is the right training program.
  • He talks on some of the obstacles someone might go through if they are going from solo practitioner to bringing in an extra service and how it is better to bring someone else on to train and offer the service while you cover and manage the clinical aspect.
  • He describes the transition from being a practitioner that was working hands-on with patients to the business owner that is training others on systems and processes. “A motivated trainer is probably the most under-utilized skillset in the clinic world.”

Parting Questions

Caddy Shack of Happy Gilmore? Caddy Shack

What’s your “walk-up song?”  Vehicle by The Ides of March

18 holes with anyone, Who and Where? My dad (with more forgiving clubs) Vandenberg Airforce Base

Any last piece of advice? We have to help them live long enough so they can play forever.

Where to Find Dr. Josh Satterlee and Clinic Gym Hybrid Solutions:




Head over to clinicgymhybrid.com/18Strong to get the PDF of their 6-month program of adding fitness to your clinic for free.

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