Masters Workout Challenge

Alright, Round 1 is finally in the books, and I know we’re in for a treat the rest of the day. Even at 46, I still get giddy about golf tourneys. Alright… If you missed it yesterday on Instagram, I posted our “Amen” Challenge Workout
The full details are on the post here: But, here is the gist… Each grouping of exercises is made up of a number of sets and reps to coincide with the number and par of the Amen Corner holes (#11, #12, and #13). It’s designed for you to be able to complete the workout whilst in front of the boob tube so we don’t miss a second of the Masters’ coverage. Here’s what you need: A few dumbbells Your floor A seat, couch or bench That’s it. Now, let’s get to it! STAY STRONG, Jeff  PS – If you are one of those golfers who skips to the bottom of emails…and you know when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror… You can click here to grab the workout.