Metabolism slows down with age…or does it?

“Our metabolism slows down once we hit our late 20s and 30s.”, he said.

It’s a perfect explanation for why we could pretty much eat whatever we wanted in college, but now we think about a brownie and our belts get tighter.

There’s just one problem…

It’s NOT true.

Lemme back up for a second.

When we talk about our “metabolism”, it’s simply a umbrella term to measure how much energy our body burns on a daily basis to keep us alive:

  • Heart pumping
  • Brain functioning
  • Muscles moving
  • Cells regenerating
  • Everything else

All of that is included in “metabolism”.

Alright, now that we’re all on the same page, here’s the part that takes away our built-in excuse, but is great news…

There have been a number of recent studies (here’s one) released that challenged the premise that our metabolism slows with age.

In just the one study I referenced above, they looked at 6,500 people from 29 countries. The study showed that metabolism for both men and women doesn’t significantly drop off until you reach the age of 60.

And I’ve read a handful of additional studies that came to the same conclusion.

So, WTF!?

If the widespread weight gain we see amongst ourselves and friends is not a result of simply getting older and our metabolism slowing down, what is happening?

It’s a result of tens of thousands of micro-decisions.

When we were younger, we didn’t have desk jobs.

After school we would go outside and play.

We played sports.

We didn’t have money to eat out at restaurants.

We didn’t indulge in adult spirits.

And as we got older, we simply moved less.

Our financial situation changed.

Our diets changed.

Not all at once, but little by little.

50 extra calories here. 50 extra calories there. 50 fewer calories burned b/c of a lack of moving, etc.
NOT because our metabolism slowed down.

Because of life!

And that is not a bad thing. We’re supposed to enjoy ourselves in the short time we have.

The good news?

The work we do produces results. It’s not an exercise in futility to try and outpace a slow metabolism.
So, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “What’s the point?”

It’s to look and feel and play your best for years and years to come.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – If it’s been a minute since you’ve worked out. And your eyes have been opened by the research. And you’re ready to get back in the saddle.

Please do me a favor…start slow.

Too much, too fast, will sink your newfound momentum. And you’ll end up where you started.

I highly recommend just 20-minutes per day like the routines in Micro Workouts– Total Body.

We’ll show you how to hit all your “golf areas” so you not only get back into shape, but the work you’re doing translates to better golf on the course.

You’ve got this!