Dolly Parton: Model of Consistency

Today, Dolly Parton released her first rock album – yes, I’ve already listened to most of it and I like it. It’s mostly covers, so it’s immediately recognizable.

This is the 49th album she has released in her career – that is not a typo…49!

She is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $550M (also, not a typo).

Is a legend.

And I believe owes most of her success to one thing…


If you don’t think 49 albums is a model of consistency, then I can’t help you:)

Of course, Dolly is working in a different industry, but when it comes to our fitness, here is the recipe:

Small, frequent efforts lead to significant, long-lasting results.

Consistently dedicating 20 minutes a day to your fitness, especially the way we teach in Micro Workouts– Total Body, leads to noticeable improvements in distance, mobility, stamina, and overall better health over time.

The beauty of consistent, short workouts is in their ability to seamlessly integrate into our daily routine.

The regularity turns exercise from a daunting task into a normal part of our day, just like brushing our teeth.

Because of the habitual (and there’s the magic word) nature of consistent exercise, it makes it sustainable for the long run. Much more than intense, longer workouts.

The days of 90-day sprints to get shredded are over. They don’t last.

Even if you had the willpower of David Goggins and made it through those miserable 90 days, then what? Each person I know that has made it through one of those 90-day programs (there aren’t many) have quickly ended up right back where they started.

It’s not about reaching your goal at the speed of light.

It’s about making exercise a non-negotiable part of your life that creates lasting change.

Alright, I’m leaving early for my nephew Gio’s state semi-final soccer game this afternoon, and need to get my pump on.

Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – The feedback we’ve gotten recently continues to exceed all my expectations. Who knew our Crew wanted long-term results instead of miserable, soul-sucking, set-us-up-for-failure, 90-day “miracle” shredding programs?

If you’re on board with small, frequent effort that leads to long-term results, then you need to join us in Micro Workouts– Total Body.