96: Changing golf with a BLAST of technology featuring Mike Bentley

Mike Bentley is one of the leading biomechanists in the world and has been innovating technology for golf for many years. Mike’s contributions have been helped create some of the best tools in golf (like the K-Vest) to analyze what the body is doing during the golf swing. Most recently his talents have been focused on creating one of the most advanced sensors to track exactly what your club is doing and being able to link that data directly to each swing via motion capture. This creation is now known as BLAST Motion.

In this episode, Mike and I had the chance to chat about the influx of data that is now available through all of these new technologies and how we can sort through it all so it makes us better golfers. In particular, Mike explains how the BLAST Motion technology has been helping both pro and recreational golfers make the connection between the “feel” of the club and what the data says.

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Mike Bentley’s Background

  • Mike BentleyFormer tour player competing throughout Asia, Australia, and the United States.
  • He has worked with many of today’s top 100 instructors and has directed world ranked PGA, EPGA, SPGA, & LPGA Tour players.
  • Bentley pioneered an objective teaching system that analyzes 3D motion and ground reaction forces to evaluate movement patterns.
  • He is considered an industry expert in 3D motion capture technologies and analysis.
  • His extensive research and expertise spans Inertial, Electromagnetic and Optical technologies.
  • Mike is one of the founders of K-Vest and BLAST Motion.

blast motion

Highlights from this Episode

  • BLAST Motion Sensor
    BLAST Motion Sensor

    His dad was a PGA professional and he got the engineer/mechanical bug from his grandpa, always working on cars and racing.

  • Mike tells the story on his progression from tinkering with cars to helping develop some of the most sophisticated technology in the world of data capture for golf and other sports like MLB
  • We discuss BLAST Motion in detail and how the professionals are using it, including Brad Faxon and Jeff Sluman (who went from the 33rd ranked putter to 1st on the Champions Tour since using the sensor)
  • Mike shares what he feels are the most important things we should be focusing on when it comes to feedback and data vs. some of the things that may not be quite as important.
  • Mike shares with us the keys to being a great putter and how simply knowing what your club is really doing can be a complete game changer.

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore

One or 2 of the Most Influential People, Books, or Experiences in Your Life?

His Grandpa, his Dad, and several other professional mentors such as Marilyn Pink, Ph.D. and Frank Jobe M.D.

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and His Dad at Augusta National

What are you excited about in your near future?

All of the new innovations and people that he feels they can help with this technology.  More than just golfers, but being able to analyze movements and the body for many different tasks.

Where to Find Mike Bentley and BLAST:

website: www.Blastmotion.com

Facebook: BLAST Golf

Twitter: BLAST Golf and BLAST Motion

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