No! Balance, not balance.

I’ve got a little time between kids’ activities today, so I need to talk to the Crew…

“But, I thought muscle weighs more than fat? I don’t understand body composition.”

Like mobility and strength, balance is one of those Holy Grail traits all of us golfers are searching for.

The balance in our stance.

The balance in our swing.

The balance in our finish.

BUT, let’s not forget about the balance in our body composition.

Muscles and fat are both parts of our body mass, but they function like apples and oranges.

While muscles power our swings and provide stability, excess fat can impede agility and drain stamina.

Did you know that muscles have a higher metabolic rate than fat?

This means, even at rest, a muscular body burns more calories than a fatty one.

So, while muscles add to your weight, they actually aid in burning calories faster!

Lemme put that another way so the point really hits home…

…The more in-shape and muscle you have, the easier it is for you to lose fat.

Well, isn’t that ironic.

The bodies that need to lose fat the least, can do it the easiest.

Son of a…!

But, here’s the good news: If you get to your target weight the “right” way, it’s much easier to keep off the excess fat.

No more rapid weight loss.

1-2 lbs per week being in a moderate daily caloric deficit (250-500 cals) and strength training.

Then, you’ll be cooking with gasoline. And those results can last forever!

Alright, gotta go. I’ve got a mountain bike race calling my name.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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