No golfer left behind

One of our 18STRONG golfers sent me this screenshot of a text thread he was on with two of his buddies:

Matt’s shameless response is below, but I wanted to share this because this is unfortunately very common.

Guys are freaking out about getting into their 40s and 50s.

And who can blame them?

Everywhere you look it’s doom and gloom. 

Really pay attention to the commercials this weekend when you’re watching the Heritage.

Who knew we were all so messed up?

We need pills for our hearts, kidneys, jimmy-legs and big-toe fungus.

Don’t even get me started on the boner pills.

Seriously, has anybody past the age of 29 ever gotten an erection on their own?

So what do most guys do?

They look for that miracle cure that swoops down like Superman and saves us.

Sorry, but that won’t happen.

I don’t care how good their advertising is.

Our co-founder Ryan put it best:

Drug companies won’t save our world’s health problems because they CAN’T. 

They are mechanics who can keep a car running…for a little while.  But a mechanic can’t make sure you’re changing the oil regularly, putting in good gas, rotating the tires, and doing all the scheduled maintenance that allowed that science teacher on Long Island to drive his Volvo 2 million miles (and counting).

This is why we need more guys like Matt.

Guys who other guys look to for guidance.

Not drugs.

Think of it like a pyramid scheme for guys living longer:)

And if you want to be that in-shape guy…the one the other gals at the pool are looking at, and more importantly, the guy dominating on the golf course…

Your corner of the world NEEDS you now.

We’re the last line of defense against obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and all the other terrible conditions that being out of shape lead to.

Keep guys playing longer and feeling better.

It sounds dramatic, but literally keeping guys living longer.

Anyway, if you want to jump into the fitness game and help your family, friends and acquaintances, and do it in a way that gets you playing your best golf, then check out:

But time is of the essence.


Because it’s time like these is when people need a trusted source.  Times where the media, politicians and big businesses are out of control with misinformation. 

Now more than ever, they need somebody they can turn to.

That CAN be you.

Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Here was Matt’s response.  I told you it was shameless:)