Progress has been hiding in plain sight

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m issuing you a challenge.

Nah, it’s not a “challenge”…the world doesn’t need another friggin’ fitness challenge.

Instead of that overused nonsense, I’m going to take a page from A Christmas Story and call it a triple-dog dare.

Here goes…

This weekend, I want you to define what fitness progress means to you. No BS. Define exactly what it means to you.

What I run into over and over is that most people underestimate the progress they’re making.

Success takes time. And success appears in different ways.

We’re constantly bombarded with loads of garbage like Shred This, Beach Body That, and Abs All Day. It’s no wonder we expect overnight transformations right after we start a program.

Things like gaining muscle take time. Our bodies need time to adapt. Muscle fiber needs time to grow.

That doesn’t happen overnight.

BUT, progress CAN show up quickly:

No longer being sore after your workoutsHaving more energyReducing stressFeeling looser in your swingHere’s the classic loop that is repeated hundreds of times throughout your life:

Ignore the small wins (aka progress)Tell yourself, “It’s just not working”QuitSooo, before quitting something that “just isn’t working,” take a step back and consider that it actually MIGHT be.

Sometimes, we have to keep digging for just a little while longer before we finally reach our goal.
Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Really think about what progress is.

I KNOW you’ve tasted it. You just may not have always realized what it was.

If you need help, we’re here.

The best place is to join us in the 18STRONG Membership.

Have a weekend!