104: Writing the Story of the Modern Golfer with Ron Kaspriske

This week I’m joined by one of the pioneers in the world of golf fitness.  Ron Kaspriske.  No, Ron doesn’t personally train PGA Tour players, analyze or fix their swings, or help them with their mental game.  But when it comes making golfers aware of their health, their fitness, and how it relates to their golf game, there may not be a guy that has reached more people.

Ron is the Senior Fitness Editor for Golf Digest and has been with the magazine since 2000.  He has been covering fitness in golf almost since the beginning, in the year 2000, right around the time when people were starting to notice that a guy named Tiger Woods was a doing more than just hitting balls on the range.

In his years at Golf Digest, Ron has had some amazing experiences and describes going to work as being “like a kid in a candy store.”  In this episode, he shares some of his stories and the changes he has seen occur as fitness, power, and equipment have all come together to build the “Modern Golfer.”

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Ron Kaspriske’s Background

  • Senior fitness editor, Golf Digest
  • The only full-time journalist in the country who reports on golf fitness.
  • Ron has appeared in several videos you can see at YouTube and Golfdigest.com demonstrating various exercises for golf.
  • He has been at the magazine for 16 years and also writes articles on instruction, travel, and fun stuff like whiskey and cigars.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Ron shares his background and his journey from studying Journalism and Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida to working his way through several other publication companies, to his current position as Senior Fitness Director at Gold Digest.
  • We discuss the “Modern Golfer” and how guys like Dustin Johnson and Rory are going to be less of the exception and more of the norm in the future when it comes to athleticism and golf.
  • Ron shares his views on the debate stirring around golfers and strength training, obvioulsy in the business he is (golf fitness writer) I thikn you can figure out which side of the fence he is on ;-).
  • Some of the people that Ron attributes learning the most from include guys like: Ben Shear, Ralph Simpson, TPI, Mark Verstegen (Exxos), and several more
  • Ron has written and co-written several books, some of which were with legendary teachers like Jim Hardy and David Leadbetter
  • I asked Ron to share some of his personal fitness tips while he is on the road or when he just has a super busy schedule.  His main advice is simply to get out and move.  Do something different, but mainly do something.
  • Ron shares a great story about when he “allegedly” hit driver into the Grand Canyon

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?


One or 2 of the Most Influential People in your career?

Ben Shear, Ralph Simpson, TPI, Mark Verstegen

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with and where?

Jackie Gleason in Las Vegas

What is your Mission at Golf Digest?

To educate and entertain golfers

Where to Find Ron Kaspriske:

website: Golf Digest

Facebook: Golf Digest

Twitter: @RonKaspriske

Other Links Mentioned

Superflex Bands

Solid Contact by Jim Hardy and Ron Kaspriske

The A-Swing by David Leadbetter and Ron Kaspriske


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