87: Your Sleep Smarter Game Plan with Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson is the man when it comes to sleep.  Literally, Shawn wrote the book on sleep.  I have to say that in recent months, I have been hearing more about the importance of recovery and sleep in some mainstream conversations, which is awesome.  But this guy has been talking about this for years.  Not not just talking, but studying, digging into research, and presenting it in a way that millions of people are loving!

With his revised best selling book Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success, and his #1 Health and Fitness podcast, The Model Health Show, Shawn is bringing an awareness of the importance of sleep to the masses.  And in today’s episode, he expands on why you, as a golfer should take notice.


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Shawn Stevenson’s Background

  • Shawn StevensonBest-selling author of the recently re-released book Sleep Smarter: 21 Eseential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success
  • Host of the #1 Health and Fitness podcast in iTunes The Model Health Show
  • Diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at age 20, told he had the spine of an 80 y.o.
  • Was an athlete, but was sidelined with this pain
  • Started studying physiology/anatomy and nutrition
  • Started living a healthier lifestyle regarding exercise and eating
  • Lost 30lbs in 6 weeks and his pain was eliminated
  • Since the last time we had Shawn on the show in January 2015 (Episode #21):
    • His podcast has been downloaded nearly 5 million times!!!
    • The new version of Sleep Smarter is hitting the best-seller list everywhere!
    • Shawn is traveling all over the place speaking and sharing his mission with some of the biggest names and on the biggest platforms
  • To get you hands on a copy of the new book Sleep Smarter, go HERE and buy a bunch of copies to share with your friends and family!


Highlights from this Episode

  • Shawn StevensonShawn and I catch up on where he and his podcast were the last time he was on the show about 15 months ago and how far he’s come since then
  • I ask Shawn about his story of getting to this point and ask him to share some of his speech from the night of his book launch party, highlighting the thought process behind having a big idea and goal, and going for it, all in.
  • We jump into gut health and it’s effect on sleep, which is incredibly mind blowing
  • We talk about why I go to bed between 9-10pm like an old man, but how it has made me way more productive and less tired
  • Shawn explains how sleep helps a golfer ingrain movement patterns by utilizing REM sleep
  • We talk a little supplementation
  • Shawn explains why he doesn’t believe in naps (even though he took one 24 hrs before this interview
  • We really dive into sleep apnea and what can be done based on the variety of tests and rteatments have been tried

What are you excited about in your near future?

Obviously, the new book.  Continuing his mission of spreading the importance an true science behind sleeping better.

Where to Find Shawn Stevenson and his Book Sleep Smarter:

Shawn’s website: theShawnStevensonModel.com

Book website: sleepsmarterbook.com

Facebook: The Model Health Show

Twitter: @ShawnModel

Instagram: @shawnmodel

Other Links Mentioned

The Good Dad Project: If you’re a dad, are going to be a dad, or have a dad, this show should be downloaded on you phone immediately


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