The 3 Words To Destroy Wussification Forever

It’s Thursday and I’m still on a huge golf high from yesterday.   

I was lucky enough to play in a member-guest at Bellerive CC – the site of Brooks Koepka’s PGA Championship win in 2018.  And boy, did I play with some good golfers. 

My client has won the club championship 11 times, and the other two were scratch.  I’m sitting at a 12 right now, so as the weak link, the pressure was on. 

The format for the first 18 holes was the two best scores.  The last nine was a different story…alternate shot.  I ain’t gonna lie, it was nerve-racking being in the rotation with dudes that good. 

Please allow me to puff up my chest a little bit.  I made EVERY shot I needed to make.  No kidding. 

Just being around those guys made me step up my game. 

And it’s the same with our Crew in the 18STRONG Membership.  We constantly push each other to get better.  Then better becomes your normal…and the cycle continues. 

It’s kinda like an inexperienced [soccer, football, basketball, baseball] team.  They may have a ton of talent, but they play down to the other team’s level.  

For a variety of reasons, we don’t perform to our expected level.  Whether it be on the course, with our fitness, on the job or at home. 

So, the common wisdom to combat this is to establish a routine that is consistent that achieves the goals we want. 

I agree, but I also have my take, and it’s this… 

Play to win! 

I know it’s not the popular thing to say in our wussified, participation trophy world, but we need to stop listening to the “winning isn’t everything” people. 

They’re confused. 

Winning at all costs can be a problem.  You and I both get that. 

But wanting to win at everything?  I can’t think of a more positive and fun way to live.  If we could make everything in life a game, all of us competitive people would have a blast every second of the day. 

Now, if you’re ready to win at getting into shape to play your best golf, check out the 18STRONG Membership.  Be warned, you will be pushed because it’s a group of golfers who want to win. 

Your $1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I dunked a ball in the water on a par 3 yesterday.  My next shot from the drop zone 85 yards away…dunked it in the hole!  One of the coolest shots I’ve ever hit. 

And that’s what being around guys pushing you can do. 

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