The ONLY 5 Exercise Moves You’ll Ever Need

I hope you are as lucky as I am on this beautiful-ish Saturday to get out on the course. 

Here’s a question from the LIVE Q&A call on Thursday I think you may be interested in: 

“What are a couple specific moves that I could do to improve my golf swing?” 

Great question.   

So, in all our workouts, we incorporate 5 basic moves to train our “golf bodies.” 

  1. Push 
  1. Pull 
  1. Squat 
  1. Hinge 
  1. Rotate 

After 13+ years, that has become our “holy quinity.”  Or, the Colonel’s Secret Recipe, but with only 5 secret herbs and spices. 

Do those five things and you can’t lose. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you want to save yourself the aggravation of finding exercises that match those movements and putting together your own program, we’ve got you covered. 

The Golf Body Blueprint -Activate maps out your next 8-weeks.  Every move.  Every set.  Every rep.  Every flex in the mirror (okay, that’s up to you). 

You can check it out here: 

Almost forgot, at least until tomorrow we reduced the price from $97 to $67 to help you work off all that Halloween candy:)