The “trick” to get into better golf swing positions

One of my favorite quotes from one of the best in the biz…

“I wouldn’t consider golfers strength or power athletes, but rather elastic athletes.”

-Dr. Stuart McGill on Episode #190 of the 18STRONG podcast.

If you’ve been following along for the past few months, we’ve been digging deep into elasticity.

Now, it started out as a way to add distance, but I soon realized the concept is a game-changer for golfers that applies to many of the characteristics we’re after, including…


I’ve used the analogy of a slingshot for speed and distance:

Imagine a slingshot. When we draw it back, we create tension and stored energy.

Then, when we release it, all that energy is transferred to the projectile, sending it on its way through the sky.

Makes sense, right?

Now, let’s throw some gas on that fire…

Imagine having the increased mobility to draw back even further on the slingshot…

As we know from being kids, the farther we’re able to draw back, the farther the projectile goes.

Our bodies have a system called our fascia (fa-shuh – short “a” sound like in “apple”).

It’s kinda like a big spider web inside our bodies that connects and holds our bodies together.

AND stores and releases energy.
What researchers have recently found is that we can train the system to increase our performance – like mobility.

Above, I used the application of mobility for distance, but that’s just one of the perks.

Most golfers generally utilize mobility for mobility’s sake. Or, to get more flexible.

BUT, the “trick” is to utilize mobility to get in better positions for your golf swing.

Tomorrow, I’m going to introduce you to the specific positions all of us golfers need to get into (based on millions of swings analyzed by GolfTec and AMG).

Don’t worry, these are natural positions.

You don’t need to overhaul your swing. In fact, I’m just a lowly physical therapist, so I wouldn’t know where to start:)

Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – If you haven’t seen it yet, you can click here for the episode I did with Dr. Stuart McGill where we dive deep into elasticity and fascia.

Also, on Friday we tie it all together when we release our 14-Day Hyper-Elastic Mobility training.

I know it’s not nearly as sexy as distance, but I think I’m more excited about this program.