The unstoppable feedback loop

“The only thing I need to figure out is whether to get Chicago-style or thin crust.”

Wise words spoken by Tommy Boy.

Now, as simple as that may seem on the surface, Tommy Boy brings up a great point.

Making good decisions isn’t about having all the answers.

I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years…

And I certainly don’t have all of the answers.

Instead, it’s about:

#1 Taking the information that’s available.

#2 Combining it with your previous experience.

#3 Having the confidence to move forward.

Things change fast in our world.

If you wait until you have 100% of the information, you’ll be waiting forever.

Which leads to missed opportunities – and losing ground on your goals.

Faster decisions = more action = more learning.

It’s a feedback loop that sits at the core of any good training program.

You’ve got this!

Alright, gotta boogie.

Lots of learning today:)


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