How about the two Irishmen yesterday in Louisiana? 

Shane Lowry is pretty great, but it’s especially awesome to see Rory win a tournament. 

So today, let’s offer up the “reset” button if you need it. 

Here’s why: 

“What got you here, won’t get you there.” 

As golfers, we accumulate knowledge and processes that serve us well…usually. 

But, the game evolves. 

Technology changes. 

And yesterday’s best practices can become today’s roadblocks. 

Improving your fitness and golf isn’t just about learning new things. 

It’s also about unlearning the outdated or inefficient. 

The process of unlearning allows us to see the possibilities we were missing. 

As the greatest karate man of all time, Bruce Lee, once said: 

“Empty your cup so that it may be filled.” 

This week, let’s strip down everything to just the simple things that work.  

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PS – The #1 thing I repeatedly hear that needs to be unlearned by most is that cardio is the best way to lose pounds.  


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See you on the inside!