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Happy Monday, my fellow golf nut!So, over the weekend, a group of us got to hit the links on Saturday afternoon. And one of my buddies said something that perked up my ears.He said, “We have all gotten so goddamn competitive with each other at golf.”He’s 1000% correct.We all grew up playing soccer together, so that’s where we got our competitive release. But now that we’re all in our 40s, those days are in the rearview mirror……Which is why golf is so important to all of us.And when I say “us”, I’m talking about you too. If you weren’t a competitor, you wouldn’t be here.Speaking of being competitive, one of our Crew is currently losing his “March Madness” battle. And it’s not sitting well with us.

How can we be losing…
I hate losing. Doesn’t matter if it’s checkers with a 5-yr-old. A casual round with a buddy. OR, a lawn care tournament:)Let’s rally today, and help one of our own by voting:
Vote for Brian Chier
We’ve got this!Your #1 Fan,
Jeff PelizzaroPS – This is a real David & Goliatch match-up. Our boy, Brian, is a non-professional. And he’s up against an entire company that does this stuff for a living.If you’re like me, you love an underdog, so let’s take down Big Turf with our grassroots (pun intended) campaign.Click Here to vote for Brian Chier.