Brian needs our help

You know one of the best parts of being a part our Crew?

We’ve got each other’s backs.

And we friggin’ love fun!

Today, let’s combine the two…

One of our Crew, Brian Chier, is in a epic David and Goliath battle.

You see, he is an amateur greenskeeper in his spare time (and helluva golfer) who’s friend entered him into a March Madness-style lawn care contest with professional turf and landscape companies.

Brian lives here in St. Louis, so I have seen his yard with my own two eyes. And it is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

I snapped this picture on a random day I stopped in to drop off my son:
Yeah, Photoshop is not a skill I possess, so that is 100% real.

Currently, he has a slim lead in the Final Four against a ferocious opponent from Arkansas.

So, he needs our help to get to the finals.

It’s very simple for us to help a brother:

1.     CLICK HERE to open the bracket (no login or any BS)
2.     Click on Brian Chier
3.     Cast your vote (you have to vote for the other match-up as well)
4.     Sit back and watch the 18STRONG Crew head to the finals
You may be asking yourself, “What will he win?”

In addition to the pride of a single man taking down “Big Lawn Care”, Brian will be the new owner of a 65″ flat screen to be placed in his garage for Masters viewing.

So, before you start your weekend, let’s get out the word.

Vote Now!
Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – I love doing silly s*** like this.

Golf is supposed to be fun. Sometimes we forget that. Today, “fun” is the F-word.

Don’t forget to pass along the Voting Link to your other buddies who like fun.

*18STRONG LLC is, in no way, monetarily compensated for promoting this yard or any other yard. We have a strict unbiased yard policy.