Well, that didn’t work…and that’s great!

Happy Monday from a very icy St. Louis landscape.

Some days, it seems like the next round of golf is a million years away. BUT, that just gives us more time to get prepared…always the optimist.

Last week, we talked a lot about mobility. And today, I’d like to switch gears.

Call it a pep talk (without all the “bro-ing out”).

Sometimes, we just need to restart.

For whatever reason, things didn’t work out. And we need to try again. A do-over.

Nobody expects to play a perfect round of golf. When we don’t shoot -18, we don’t throw our clubs in the dumpster behind the clubhouse.

We just reset. And try again the next time out.

The exact same mindset applies to getting in shape.

If this past weekend, life got crazy and you found yourself eating like a garbage can, and drinking like a fish, you just need a reset. It happens.

Don’t completely throw in the towel. Give yourself a mulligan.


Try Different.

In a round of golf, if we keep slicing our drives in the woods, it might mean we need to use our 3-wood until we get our driver fixed.

The same is true with your fitness.

If eating a super-low-carb Keto diet and running 3 miles each morning just made you ravenously hungry 24/7. And you ended up gaining weight. That’s great! You figured out a strategy that doesn’t work for you.

If eating chicken, broccoli and rice every meal makes you hate life. Great! You found another strategy that isn’t for you.

This doesn’t make you weak-willed or a failure. It means that you tried a path that doesn’t work for your particular lifestyle. No big deal.

Going forward, please do NOT attempt to get into shape the same way you tried before.

Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about what to do instead.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – There are almost an infinite number of options we can help you fit into your lifestyle. BUT, you still have to be willing to do the work.

The 18STRONG Membership is where I would start. Do the Daily Motion routine for the next seven days, then see if you’re ready to add the next thing. By the time spring hits, you’ll be doing a handful of really impactful things without even thinking.

You’ve got this.