What to eat and not eat on the course

Good morning my fellow golf nut! 

If you’re playing golf today, let me ask you a question I get a lot… 

 “What do you eat before and on the course?” 

So, I usually don’t eat on the course.  

Depending on when we’re playing, I like to eat a high-protein breakfast or lunch. 

Now, on those days when I do need to eat something on the course, I look for a protein bar with only natural ingredients, a bag of nuts or a piece of fruit.  

You definitely want to avoid any of the “nappy time” foods that are high in carbs and sugars you typically find at the turn. 

I know Snickers and hot dogs have cost me many a stroke over the years after I crash.  

Those foods typically spike your blood sugar level and give you a very temporary energy boost, which quickly leads to a period of rapid decline, aka “sugar crash.”  

That quick drop makes you feel sluggish and tired for the last 6+ holes. 

Most processed foods are high in sugars, so most things you could store in a bunker for 10 years to prepare for the zombies are not going to be items you want to put in your body on the course. 

Maintaining your energy level is pretty simple: stay hydrated and eat whole foods

Once again, let’s keep things simple. 



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