159: Will Robins: Better Golf using the Scoring Method

Will Robins is an expert when it comes to helping you drop your score.  His program The Scoring Method has helped hundreds, if not thousands of golfers drop 10 or more strokes off their game in just weeks!

He has an incredible story from being on pace to play professional golf in the United States, only to suffer a great tragedy and be thrust into the world of coaching and teaching golf. Will Robins’ story is one of perseverance and reflection that sheds a new light and respect on both golf and life.

Will Robins’ Background

  • Has been operating golf coaching programs since 2008 and is PGA Class A Certified, a PGA National Youth Development Committee Member as well as the recipient of the NCPGA Player Development Award 2015 and the NCPGA Junior Teacher of the Year 2014.
  • Will’s approach: The key to scoring well isn’t hitting the long ball. The real game of golf is imperfection: bad swings, bad bounces etc. You can play the game of golf, but you can’t perfect the game of golf. Part of playing better is enjoying the game.

Highlights from this Episode

  • His incredible experience in 2004 when he and his wife were honeymooning in Thailand when the Tsunami hit.  His entire future was changed by this event and is what eventually lead him to teaching the game of golf.
  • When Will went from coach to instructor, how his teaching mentality shifted, and what he did with his students that helped them drop their scores so quickly and enjoy the game more.
  • How awareness is the key to changing the mental perception of the golfer we are, managing our expectations, and how the game is more of an emotional game than a mental game.
  • The importance of “training hard” and “playing easy.” Will delves into his philosophy of the Scoring Method and how the number one rule of golf is to keep the ball in play at all costs.
  • He expands on tips and recommendations to players who want to get started on this process immediately and the video series of the scoring method for remote access to the Scoring Method ideology.

Caddy Shack or Happy Gilmore?


What is your walk-out song?

Lose yourself by Eminem

Who would you want to spend a day on the course with, and where?

It would have to be Jesus Christ because it would be amazing to be able to ask questions over a game of golf.

What has you most excited in your career/mission right now?

Seeing the realization of his vision from 12 years ago come to fruition seeing the revolutionary movement of golf coaching and players.

Parting words of advice?

Learn to play it, stop trying to perfect it.

Where to find Will Robins:

scoring method


http://www.wrgolf.com/                          http://robinsgx.com/

Watch the Video Series:

The Scoring Method

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