You’re not alone

I was talking to my daughter earlier this week, “Hey, how’s everything going with your friend Maggie? Lacrosse is going well?  School is going well? She looking at colleges?” All the usual chit chat. So, why am telling you about my daughter’s friend? …Maggie’s dad is wildly successful. They live in a giant house. On a giant piece of property. They belong to one of the most expensive CCs here in St. Louis. He prints bags of money every day. And really has his s*** together… …on the surface. One of the reasons I check in with the daughter is because her dad has a severe drinking problem. To the point they can’t have any booze in the house (including cough medicine or any consumable form of alcohol). He’ll go for long streaks of sobriety, then my daughter will tell me, “Yeah, Maggie’s dad is bad again.” (For the record, her real name is not Maggie if you’re starting to squirm a bit). This is an extreme example, but I’m bringing it up because while it may look like somebody has their stuff together, we all struggle sometimes. Especially with our fitness and nutrition. I know guys who look like they fell off the cover of Men’s Health who struggle. I’m no different. Here’s a text I sent to a buddy Matt yesterday: 
Sure, I know what you and I “should” do. But, doesn’t mean that I always do it. I’m far from perfect. And we’re in this together. If there’s one thing I hope you take away from this email, it’s this: You’re not alone.  Getting into and staying in shape is a challenge.  And we’re here to help. STAY STRONG, Jeff