💪 “I don’t want my career to kill me”

It’s Friday, December 3rd, it’s going to be 71∞, and I’m hitting the links this afternoon. 

Thank you, Al Gore and your global warming. 

But before I head out, I want to share a true story. 

I can’t count the number of friends and family that have worked in restaurants either as a career or during college. 

So, I know how unhealthy that environment is if you’re trying to stay fit. There are temptations every direction you turn.  

Long hours. Unhealthy food. Drugs. Booze. You name it, the industry has got it. 

Luckily, I spent my college days roofing and plumbing:) 

Somewhere along the way I heard about this crazy-successful chef who admittedly said he, “looked like a sack of s***.” 

He was 6’ and weighed 250 pounds. His wife had lost interest in him. He always felt sick. Felt guilty. Felt rundown. And just overall his life was slipping away. 

He said, “I know how unhealthy chefs are at the top level. Stress. Suicide. There’s a big downside to cooking loads for a living. It’s lethal: from obesity to heart attacks to cocaine habits.” 

Bear in mind, this is a guy, by all professional measures, was at the height of his industry. 

Like so many of us, something inside of him finally clicked. He had had enough.  

“I don’t want my career to kill me.” 

So, what did he do? 

He didn’t do anything drastic. 

No crash diets. 

No dangerous diet pills. 

No ludicrous training programs. 

He simply started exercising and eating healthy – even when working long hours. 

Today, he is 50 lbs lighter, feels great, and is more successful in his career than ever. 

That guy, Chef Gordon Ramsay. Yup, the same Gordon Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen, MsterChef and more profanity-laced outbursts than you can count. 

So, why do I tell the story? 

If a guy with multiple TV shows, restaurants in the US and Europe, multiple books written, cooking show, and god knows what other lines of business can find time for his health and fitness, surely you and I can. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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