279: Nic Catterall | How PGA Tour Players are Adapting Their Training for Home

This week I continue the LIVE interviews via Facebook for the podcast talking with Nic Catterall, fitness extraordinaire working with the PGA tour players.

Nick drops in to give us the status of what’s going on with these players, their workouts, and how he is working with them remotely and enterprising on the innovation necessary to keep up with the limitations from being unable to see them in person.

Highlights from this Episode

  • How he is adjusting to his new schedule from being on the road with players most of the year to being stuck at home and making snap decisions on the players programs and making sure they are staying on their top game to return.
  • What the pandemic and subsequent quarantine looked like from the PGA standpoint and how players reacted to the season being postponed.
  • How this will effect the Olympics, presidents cup, and Ryder cup and what the future of golf looks like. He also dives into his perspective when at an event and what the players look like as far as warming up together or on their own.

Wrap up Questions:

What Netflix show are you binging these days?

            The Hunters on Amazon Prime and Homeland

What books are you reading and what are your goals for this quarantine?

Some golf journal articles, catching up on my mentor sessions, and taking an excel course

What has been the hardest part of this social distancing/quarantine for you?

            Since this is the entertainment industry, the loss of jobs due to this will be staggering

What has been the best part of this social distancing/quarantine for you?

            Getting to see my family

Any Last advice for the 18Strong Podcast?

            Get outside and re-discover an old hobby

Connect with Nic:


Website: cattogolf.com

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