304: Athletic Motion Golf: What’s Really Going On In A Great Golf Swing?

athletic motion golf

This week we’ve got Shaun Webb and Mike Granato from Athletic Motion Golf; two guys that are taking all of the 3D technology that they are able to use with their professional and amateur golfers and show us the difference between what the low handicapper is doing vs what the high handicapper

Many of us as amateurs we think we are getting into a certain position, we think we’re moving in the right direction or making the right move but when you see the difference between the 3D captures, you see what they are talking about in the different drills they give.

So in todays episode we talk about the “swing killers” that they see amateurs making that the pros don’t make, Bryson DeChambeau and how a lot of what he is doing is not just the physical stuff of gaining weight and getting stronger but some of the things he is doing with his golf swing to create more speed, and what mistakes and simple things you and I can fix in our own game.

Athletic Motion Golf Background:

Having worked with golfers from the PGA TourChampions TourEuropean TourKorn Ferry TourLPGA Tour, and every level of amateur golfer – Shaun Webb and Mike Granato started Athletic Motion Golf to help more golfers incorporate athletic principles that make for a better more dynamic golf swing.

Highlights From This Episode

  • Both Mike and Shaun’s background in instruction and golf technology and how it led to the inception of Athletic Motion golf and what that stands for.
  • Where they collect and pull their swing data from and how using the Gears 3D system (which they describe as almost like a Video Game Motion Capture system) opened their eyes to the intricacies of the golf swing and the almost unlimited amount of data they are able to sift through.
  • The debate of “swinging your own swing” vs. trying to replicate a model exactly: Shaun and Mike give their insights into how to find a balance between using your own athleticism and have flexibility while instituting different parameters to improve your swing.
  • One thing we can look for if we took a video of our swing today and active steps we can do to avoid the slice over the top like checking the face of your pelvis on the top of your backswing.
  • How they coordinate the analytical side to the fitness side and how they interact with some of their top tier professionals. They also talk on the slight changes Bryson DeChambeau did to his swing to improve his swing speed and distance.
  • Finally I get their thoughts on if they think we will see limitations on the technology used in golf, as the professionals get better and stronger. Mike talks on their newly finished AMG Speed system to go along with their Swing System which is a start to finish look at your swing to increase speed.

Parting Questions

Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore?
Mike – Caddy Shack
Shaun – Caddy Shack

What is your walk-up song to the first teebox? 

Mike – The Fat Albert Theme Song

Shaun – Anything from my Foo Fighters Playlist

If you could play anywhere in the world with any 3 people, who would it be and where would you play? 

Mike – Dad, Brother, and Shaun at Bandon Dunes

Shaun – My Brother, Father, and Grandfather at Pebble Beach

Who is your pick for the Masters? 

Mike & Shaun – Rory McIlroy

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