Alex Trebek made me do it

Now that college football season is in full swing, I’m constantly reminded of one of my favorite movies: 


It starred Mikey (Sean Astin) from the “Goonies”. 

And was about a small-town kid that squeezed every ounce of “talent” from his 5-ft nothing, 100 and nothing body to make the Notre Dame football team.  It’s based on a true story. 

Why is that important to you? 

Why should you care? 


We’ll get to that.   

But first, check this out: 


The main plot of the movie surrounds Rudy’s motivation.  Everyone told him he was too small to play.  Too dumb to go to college.  Not good enough to do anything other than the steel mill.  And how he used that as motivational fuel. 

But what I think most people miss is the gigantic role competition played in his life. 

He had 12 siblings he had to compete with his entire life.  He competed with the guys who didn’t want him on the team.  He competed with common sense to put a kid his size next to the best football players in the land. 

And recently I was reminded of how big a role competition plays in our lives to drive us to success. 

You see, our co-founder Ryan was not a great student.  And now his son is going down the same path.  The kid is off the chart as an athlete and he’s smart, but school is just not his jam.   

So, Ryan has been racking his brain to get the kid motivated so he doesn’t have to go through the same things he did. 

What did he do? 

He made it a competition. 

When they study together, they make it a mini-Jeopardy.   

The kid is so damn competitive, he’s now getting pi$$ed if he misses a question.  Before that, he never gave a rats a$$ about the material. 

All of which brings me to the point: 

Ask yourself where you can harness your competitive spirit to drive you to your goals. 

Think long and hard about it, my man. 

Then friggin’ use it. 

Chances are it will give you focus. 

And, a whole new outlook on your fitness, career, family and game. 

Just sayin’. 

Here’s where you can start with your fitness:

Your #1 Fan,  

Jeff Pelizzaro