All or nothing it’s got to be

Today, let’s continue smashing the common derailments that trip up the best of our fitness intentions.

And today’s winner is…

The Millli Vanilli Liability (All-Or-Nothing Thinking)

Back in 1988, the greatest lip syncing band of all time released a song called “All or Nothing”…

…and that’s where the link to fitness ends. But, anytime I talk about “All-Or-Nothing”, I can’t not start playing that song in my tiny little brain.

BUT, have you ever felt that if you don’t go 100%, then it’s not worth it?

“I only have 20 minutes and my workout takes 40 minutes, so I just won’t do anything.”

In other words, we believe that something must either be done fully, or else it can’t be done at all.

All-or-nothing thinking is a very common cognitive distortion – a faulty thought pattern that makes us more prone to negative thoughts and conclusions.

In the context of our golf and fitness world, it quickly leads to burnout because it sets an unsustainable standard that requires constant, maximum effort.

We leave no room for flexibility, which ultimately will mentally exhaust us to the point of quitting.

Instead, let’s embrace “Something-Over-Nothing” and embrace the small wins.

A short walk is better than no walk.

A single, healthy meal is better than McDonald’s.

A quick chipping session in the front yard between kids’ games is better than your clubs staying in the trunk.

Progress, no matter how small is still progress.

You’ve got this.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – A great way to break out of the all-or-nothing trap is to have a go-to. For us in the 18STRONG Membership, that is the 5-7 minute Daily Motion mobility routine.

You’d be amazed how well you feel after such a short session of moves with intention.

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