200: Master Your Course Like a Champion | Dr. Andy Frost 11-time Club Champion, Bellerive CC

Dr. Andy Frost was one of my very first clients when I made the switch from a traditional physical therapy setting to the other side of the fence, diving into the world of golf fitness.  This is a special interview for me because Andy is one of the main reasons that I have continued to pursue my career in golf and fitness.

Based out of St. Louis, Andy is the current, and 11-time Club Champion at Bellerive Country Club, the site for the 100th PGA Championship in just a couple of weeks.  So, who better to bring on than Andy?

Not only do we get a chance to talk about the course and what the players and patrons can expect from Bellerive, but I really wanted to get Andy on to share his approach to the game.

Over the last 30+ years, he’s had his ups and downs in golf while working full-time, raising a family, and all of the other responsibilities we all have, so maybe more than any other interview we’ve done, this one is very likely relatable to your situation.

Andy shares some insights into his routines and a few pivotal pieces that have had the biggest impact in his career, especially in the last 10 years.

Andy Frost’s Background

  • andy frostAndy has had quite the amateur career, qualifying for 9 USGA championships including 1 Junior Am, 4 US Am’s, 3 Mid-Am’s, and the 2016 Senior Am here in St. Louis.
  • Among other tournament wins and accomplishments, the one that I really want to highlight is the fact that Andy is an 11 time Club Champion at the Prestigious Bellerive Country Club here in St. Louis spanning from 1994to his current reign as last year’s champion.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Andy starts it off by talking about what it takes to be a top level amateur golfer while juggling the responsibilities that come with running your business and raising a family. He hits on everything from his junior career, falling in and out of playing and competing, to accomplishments along the way.
  • There are a lot of things that people don’t see when you look at the success of athletes, and Andy’s story is no different. Whether it be the late nights after work when he would go out to practice or the hours spent honing in specific aspects of his game.
  • Andy talks on what the majority of golfers that want to win their first club championship don’t see or realize they have to get into that position.
  • Frosty discusses familiarizing yourself with the course, being ready for the mental challenge, and getting comfortable on the green.
  • We talk on books and sources that gave him the biggest inspiration and mental boost; such as the difference between “Ego” golfers and “Master” golfers and playing to play great rather than playing to not play bad.
  • One of the things I’ve learned from and admired about Frosty is his mental game. He explains his mental process system on how he keeps track of everything, stays present in every shot with what he calls the mental scorecard.
  • We shift gears and talk about the 100th PGA championship coming to Bellerive in a couple of weeks, the history of the club and why the PGA picked this course.
  • Andy hits on the characteristics of the course and what we are going to see, and should look out for, when the players start out there.
 Parting Questions

Caddy Shack or Happy Gilmore? Caddy Shack

What would be your walk up song? Going Down the Road Feeling Bad by The Grateful Dead

If you could play 18 holes with anyone, who would it be and where would you play?
Jack Nicklaus at Augusta

Any last advice to the 18Strong Audience?  Get a trainer and go to the gym to improve where you are weak and always be ready and prepared to play.

Resources Mentioned:

Golf is Not A Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella

Fearless Golf by Dr. Gio Valiante

Mastering Golf’s Mental Game by Dr. Michael Lardon

Every Shot Counts by Mark Brodie

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