155: Anthony Renna: Lessons from the greatest coaches in the world.

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Anthony Renna. Anthony has been involved in a lot of training and education programs relating to golf and fitness, almost too many to name! His early success as a trainer at Equinox Fitness Clubs fueled the creation of his own business, Five Iron Fitness.  It eventually led him to open one of the country’s first facilities dedicated to golf fitness in 2008 in White Plains, NY.

During that time, he went to everything from small workshops at Equinox to Perform Better Summits to certifications like StrongFirst, RKC, Functional Range Conditioning, Functional Movement Screen, USA Weightlifting and the Titleist Performance Institute.

It was at those events that he created a number of strategic relationships with some of the big names in fitness and golf. He was able to leverage those relationships to create a series of training programs such as The Strength Coach Podcast, StrengthCoach TV, Stop & Give Me 20 Podcast, Tell Me About That Book Podcast, StrengthCoach.com

He believes that the best way to Improve Your Golf Game is to Improve Your Golf Body. Your Golf Body consists of all of the Movements, Muscles, Motions, and Patterns that are vital to the golf swing.

Anthony Renna’s Background

  • Anthony is a Level 3 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and a Level 2 Junior Golf Coach (Titleist)
  • He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • He is a Level 1 StrongFirst (SFG) Kettlebell Instructor who has worked with elite and recreational golfers at his facility in New York
  • He caddied in the 100th US Open at Shinnecock in 1995 for a local pro named John Reeves
  • Anthony has consolidated all of his online entities in his new website ContinueFit.com, where he has his entire list of podcasts, shows, and resources.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Anthony’s background and how he got into the world of golf and fitness at the age of 37.
  • How Anthony crafted strategic relationships with some of the big names in golf fitness and leveraged those relationships to create a media suite. Across those platforms, he talks about fitness, strength, golf and otherwise on a regular basis.
  • Some of the biggest influences that the podcast had on Anthony. He was exposed to a lot of people who know a lot about golf fitness, and that had a huge effect on taking his knowledge to the next level.
  • How the game of golf has changed in regards to fitness. At first, it was a lot harder to get people to buy into the idea of golf fitness. Anthony was right there from the start and went through all of the doubt and skepticism, which we get into.
  • Some of the biggest mistakes that Anthony sees making in the gym when they’re taking control of their fitness. The main thing is to go to a golf pro or golf specific trainer when you start and getting the mobility fundamentals down. Fundamentals in Anthony’s opinion are the key.
  • How much time a golfer should spend at the gym each week, and what they should focus on.

Caddy Shack or Happy Gilmore?

Caddy Shack

Who would you want to spend a day on the course with, and where?

Tiger Woods at a Wednesday Pro Am at Century

What would be your “walk-up song” to the tee?

Temple of the Dog – Hunger Strike

Parting words of advice?

You are better than you think you are. Don’t judge yourself so much.

Where to find Anthony Renna:

Website: http://continuefit.com/

Podcasts: http://continuefit.com/category/listen/

Twitter: @CONTINUEfit 

Instagram: @AntRenna

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