Are You Living The Life That Chose You?

It’s early, it’s Thursday, it’s Sweetens Cove morning here in South Pittsburg, TN and there is no place I would rather be right now. 

27 holes with 24 dudes who all love golf, fun, and refuse to conform to what boring people in the world call “normal.” 

We’ve been planning this event since we walked off our last hole at Sweetens almost exactly a year ago.  And in that time, I can’t tell you how many guys have said some version of this to me: 

“How can you get away with that?” 

In other words, how can I get away from my wife, kids, and other worldly responsibilities? 

They make it sound like I’m a bank robber pulling off the heist of the century.  

My answer is always the same, “Hey, I put in the work, so I can enjoy the ride.” 

We work our tails off on the business side of 18STRONG so we can do fun things. 

We work in the gym and eat well most of the time so we can enjoy cold suds, pizza, and a huge Thanksgiving dinner guilt-free. 

We get to do all these cool things, but we ain’t there yet. 

I’m a work in progress just like you. 

The pursuit of our best life is a moving target that I’m sure we’ll never fully realize, but I know we can all get 99% there. 

I think that’s the universe’s plan. 

Jason Isbell, one of my favorite musicians, has a song called The Life You Chose. Here is the refrain: 

Are you living the life you chose? 

Are you living the life that chose you? 

For the next 30 seconds, stop reading this, and ask yourself one simple question… 

Am I living the life I want? 

You know what, that’s a stupid question. 

Instead, ask yourself this question… 

Am I working towards the life I want? 

And a few follow-up questions to noodle around with for a little bit… 

Do you feel alive? 

OR, do you feel like a zombie just going through the motions? 

If so, what are you going to do about it? 

The great thing is that we have a huge Crew to learn from. 

And what we’ve found with the successful guys in our Crew is one common denominator… 

They all have a debilitating case of FOBO. 

Aka, the Fear Of Being Ordinary. 

We all have it to some degree. Very few people like us want to be average. 

The difference is when something inside of you clicks, and you can no longer tolerate the status quo. 

You trade your dad bod for a fit, healthy, younger-looking you. 

You trade your brown, cotton Dockers for tailored, Linksoul pants. 

You stop defaulting to “no, I don’t think I can”, to “yup, I can make that work.” 

Most importantly, you stop making excuses. 

I wish I had something magical I could say to flip that switch in your brain, but that’s up to you. 

10+ years ago, the opportunity to get out of the physical therapy clinic presented itself, and I said, “F it!” 

And I haven’t looked back. 

If you get one thing from this way-longer-than-I-anticipated email is to keep your eyes open and look for that reason to flip your switch, and say “F it!” 

We’ll be here when you do. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – When you are ready, I recommend starting with the 18STRONG Membership App in these three steps: 

  1. Do the Daily Motion (already installed on your workout calendar in the app) every day for the next week 
  1. After your first week, choose a 4 or 8-week training program that fits your current level of fitness 
  1. Execute 

Like I said, our best life is a moving target, but we can sure have a ton of fun in its pursuit. 

Here’s the link to your free trial: