Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks you’re full of…

One of the three most common reasons I hear from golfers is that they “don’t have time” to workout.

They’ve got careers.

They’ve got kids.

They’ve got wives (hopefully just one).

What little free-time they do have, they want to spend on the course.

I get it.

I always thought it was pretty flimsy, but I understood.

Then a few months ago, the Terminator himself set me straight.

I was on YouTube watching who-knows-what.

Could have been a Paige Spiranac how-to video…

A clip of Tom Segura, my favorite comedian right now…

Or something Ferrari-related…

Whatever it was, one of the suggested videos below was titled “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top tips on getting back in the gym.”

I mean, who doesn’t love Predator?

So I clicked. 

The video was awesome.

He essentially tells you that excuses to not work out mean that you are full of s***.

Of course, the very first excuse he addressed was not having time.

Here is my translation of that portion of the video (do it in your best Arnold voice):

One of the first questions is, I don’t have enough time.

Which of course is the biggest bull**** I’ve ever heard.

Because we have 24 hours a day and you don’t have time for working out?

You’re not having time for taking care of your body?

Are you out of your mind?

I mean you sleep 6 hours a day.

You have 18 hours left.

You work 10 hours.

So you still have 8 hours left.

So what happened?

You don’t have time?

Manage your time better, okay.

Otherwise I get pi$$ed off.

I’m going to come to your house and terminate you. 

John Matrix is right!  Please tell me you’ve seen Commando.

Time is not a valid excuse.

If I told you that every day, you get to play 18 holes with a different PGA pro.

You would find the time.

So if it’s not time, what is it?

The real problem is commitment.

When you are committed to something, you find the time.

You find time to go to kids’ sporting events.

You find the time to go to work every day.

You find the time to golf on weekends.

Commit to yourself and taking care of your body and you’ll find the time.

One of the first steps to committing to yourself is having a plan you can easily follow.

That is why we created Golf Body Blueprint – Activate.

It’s our step-by-step training program for golfers who are just getting started.

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Jeff “I’ll Be Back” Pelizzaro