The other F-word

You know how, during the summer, the family with the swimming pool becomes really popular?

Well, we were lucky enough to be a pool family and everyone wanted to hang with us from May to September.

Once the fall hit, we were regular people again.

Most weekends, the dads would be working the grill, beer in hand, making dogs, burgers and brats.

The moms were in charge of the less manly side dishes.

We were living in a Sandlot-eque utopian society. 

Sure as god’s got sandals, the moms would give one instruction after the meal.

If you grew up in the last 100 years, your mother told you the same…

“You have to wait 45-minutes to get back in the pool so you don’t get stomach cramps.”

Never mind the pool was 4 ft deep and you were never farther than 4 feet from the side at any given time.

Whenever the Mom’s Handbook was published, that was an important chapter. 

One of the moms said it every. single. time. 

Of course, we now know there is no evidence that was ever a problem.

It was a huge misconception.

Now that I’m a “grown-up” and gainfully employed, I run into a different misconception.

But I run into it every. single. day.

It has become my F-word.

That is the misconception about Flexibility. 

Here’s the deal, and I’m gonna tell ya.

Flexibility is how far your muscles can stretch with assistance (think of your coach pushing down on your back while you touch your toes).

It’s kinda like a rubber band.

It can’t do anything on it’s own until something or someone stretches it.

Last I checked, we’re all alone when we swing.

It doesn’t really matter if a coach can rotate your torso, shoulders, hips, ankles or neck.

What matters is you having the strength and control to do that on your own.

Enter the M-word…


Essentially, mobility is your ability to get your body into whatever golf position you want under your own power.

You’ve got the control.

You’re at the wheel, not your Uber driver.

Who do you think knows the best route to get you home?



Ah, now you’ve been empowered to take control.  It feels so good.

You’re ready to quit mindless stretching.

Oh by the way, did I mention this is why the pros are pros?

Other than really practicing your chipping and putting, this is the fastest way I’ve seen golfers drop strokes.

Anyway, if you’re ready to stop putting money in the f-word, swear jar…

Check out this:

Jeff Pelizzaro