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Not breathing is a problem, of course, but did you know that the WAY you breathe can basically effect every aspect of your health and performance?  Even worse, you’re probably doing it wrong.

In this episode, Brian Bradley, the Vice President of Egoscue University, give us a “master class” on how most of us neglect how important our breathing and postuer are not just to our golf game, but literally in every facet of our life.

In my opinion, this is a MUST listen episode of the 18STRONG Podcast.  The information in this episode could literally transform you life and your game. Enjoy.

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Brian’s Background

  • Has been with Egoscue for 24 years
  • Met Pete Egoscue when he was working with Jack Nickalus
  • Jack was backing the expansion of Egoscue from their California location and branching into Florida
  • Has worked with Nicklaus, Player, Palmer, Trevino, Tony Robbins, etc
  • Brian was a physical therapist, started working at the FLorida location then moved to California
  • He is now the Vice President of Egoscue University.
  • Posture Pain and Performance ins the backbone of their company

Highlights from this Episode

  • Pete Egoscue’s background:
    • Injured in Vietnam
    • Searched for 3 years to figure out what was causing hi pain and was told it was “in his head”
    • He decided to learn the anatomy on his own and figure out what was causing his pain from an “outsider’s” standpoint, he was not a medical practitioner, he had a computer science degree
    • He began seeing patterns in pain and posture, then began collaborating with other very well known individuals in the medical world to help create what Egoscue is now.
  • You breathe over 20,000 times per day, unlike any other activity
  • The United States is very much BEHIND other areas of the world in regards to their philosophies and execution of strength and conditioning/rehabilitation protocols and practices.
  • 2 experts they have worked very closely with are Dr. Pavel Kolaj and Dr. Carl Levitt
  • Their #1 goal was to change the paradigm of how the human body is looked at so dysfunctions are looked at more globally
  • If you can change a persons breathing patterns and the postural positions that effect those patterns, you can in turn eliminate many of the pain and issues that their body creates out of compensation
  • Don’t “activate” your core before you swing a club, it should automatically generate that stability and activation when needed in the movement if the body is working right.
  • By changing the way the upper back and shoulders function and move, and working with some breathing exercises on a regular basis, you can create more of the motion needed in the swing.
  • You can get Bigger, Faster, Stronger simply by lying on your back working on your posture
  • When you’re head is out of position, forward just 15 degrees, it effectively weighs 15lbs. , at 45 degrees (like looking at your phone, it now weighs nearly 50lbs.
  • This stress increases the tension on your neck, traps, upper back, etc.
  • Brian explains East-West vs North-South breathing
  • The younger population is in more need for this work than anyone, primarily because of the consistently bad postures they are in at school, etc
  • Egoscue exercises make everything you do easier and better.  It makes your chiropractor, trainer and therapists job much easier

What’s Up with Tiger Woods Health?

  • Tiger Woods is not weak, he is disconnected
  • He’s not being given a chance to come back because he’s not being given the right information
  • He is trap and lat driven, not a proper breathing pattern
  • If anyone is out of balance, they will develop injury

What can you do today to work on these issues?

  • Static Back: Lie on your back on the floor, feet propped up, hips and knees at 90 degrees, arms at a 45 degree angle on the floor with palms up.
  • Should mix reeducation, repositioning, and breathing exercises with strength and conditioning exercises to improve oxygen use and overall function of the body
  • Practice East-West Breathing exercises to get the diaphragm working properly and releasing some of the tightness in the low back/fascia

The most important take away from this episode (per Brian)

  •  The position/function of your upper back dictates your health.
  • It dictates your breathing, your movement, your golf swing, how you exercise, your digestive issues, etc

Where to Find Brian

email: bbradley@egoscue.com 



Egoscue Resources

Youtube: Egoscue San Diego 

Egoscue Japan: video

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