108: Living more powerfully through the game of golf with Jeff Ritter

This week I am very excited to announce our guest; Jeff Ritter. Jeff is the CEO/Founder of MAKE THE TURN Performance. An accomplished coach, author and motivational speaker, Jeff is known for his unique approach to teaching the game. He credits his passion for inspiration, body health and mental flexibility for the reputation that has set him apart as a purveyor of not only playing well, but living well.

A consistent presence in the world of golf media, Jeff is a regular featured guest on Golf Channel appearing on programs such as Morning Drive. In 2016 he was host of PGA National Instruction day on Golf Channel, the most watched golf instruction event in history.

His inspiring perspective on game and lifestyle development has Jeff traveling internationally to share the MAKE THE TURN message of living more powerfully through the game of golf.

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Jeff Ritter’s Background

  • Jeff owns and operates golf performance and lifestyle consultancy, MAKE THE TURN.
  • He is a published author of the book “Your Kid Ate a Divot – Eighteen Life Lessons From the Links”
  • Jeff works with golfers on improving their game, health, mindset and lifestyle.
  • In 2014 he created the MAKE THE TURN Weekly Challenge Series for Golf Digest TV. The program was the most successful series on the Golf Digest platform garnering 20 million viewers.


Highlights from this Episode

  • How Jeff came to understand the importance of mindset and health in golf.
  • The time Jeff met Top 50 Golf Digest teacher, Mike LaBauve, and how the experience took his golf game to the next level.
  • How small changes in behavior can drastically improve your swing, almost instantly.
  • Jeff’s take on technology in golf.
  • Helpful mindset exercises for drastic results – “The Genie List” (see below for a description of the exercise)
  • The importance of taking immediate action on what you want to improve in golf and life.
  • How Jeff got rid of a long time back injury and avoided surgery by changing his diet.

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?


Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Jack Nicklaus at Pebble Beach

What are you excited about in your near future?

Putting our platform in front of the corporate world, and guest speaking.


Where to Find Jeff Ritter:

Website: mttperformance.com

Instagram: @mttgolf

Twitter: @mttgolf

Facebook: Make The Turn

Other Links Mentioned

Book: “Your Kid Ate A Divot – Eighteen Life Lessons From the Links”

Pebble Beach Contest: mttperformance.com/contest


“The Genie List” Mindset Exercise:

Jeff explains this helpful mindset exercise around the 36-minute mark of the podcast.

The short version:

Write down everything you could ever hope to accomplish in your lifetime, regardless of how ridiculous they may sound at first. Pretend you have a genie that could grant these wishes for you. Once done, take immediate action on at least one of those. You will be surprised at how easily those things can come to fruition.