141: Take control of your game by taking control of your SELF. -Katherine Roberts

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Katherine Roberts. Katherine has been on the show before, on episode 58.

For over 15 years, Katherine has been a leader and an innovator in the world of golf fitness. Her unique and highly effective approach blends yoga, science, and proprietary golf-specific conditioning strategies into one powerful methodology – Yoga For Golfers (YFG). YFG harnesses and integrates the power of the body with the power of the mind to increase and enhance performance, enabling golfers at all levels to play better, play stronger, and play longer.

Katherine is the producer of nine DVDs and author of the ground-breaking book Yoga for Golfers (McGraw-Hill). Her second book, Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes, was co-authored with Top-100 Golf Instructor and then-Tiger Woods’ Coach, Hank Haney. Katherine continues to incorporate innovative, new scientific technology into work.

Katherine is dedicated to helping people achieve maximum performance and balance both on-and-off the course. and teams up regularly with golf organizations around the world.

Katherine Roberts’ Background

  • Katherine RobertsKatherine’s work in golf has been profiled by USA TODAY, The NY and LA Times, The National Post (Canada), Golf Magazine, Golfweek, Golf Tips Magazine.
  • Her yoga and sports fitness company has certified Yoga For Golfers instructors in more than 15 countries on 4 continents.
  • Katherine is also a recognized speaker and instructor at golf industry conferences and events across the globe.
  • Katherine has been working in Major League Baseball (MLB) for more than a decade, serving as the Yoga Performance Coach for MLB teams including the Oakland As, LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Highlights from this Episode

  • What mobility means. Katherine has the view that mobility should be viewed holistically, and not just as a series of stretches. It has a lot to do with ‘freedom’ of body movement and how it relates to your mind.
  • The eight limbs of yoga. This has to with all of the different functions that yoga serves. Most people think of yoga in terms of flexibility and breathing. But there is much more to it, especially in terms of how the mind works in relation to the body. (You can find the full list and descriptions of the following list here: http://www.yogajournal.com/practice/the-eight-limbs)
    1. Yama- One’s ethical standards and sense of intregrity
    2. Niyama- Self Discipline and spiritual observances
    3. Asana- The postures practiced in yoga
    4. Pranayama- Breath Control
    5. Pratyahara- Withdrawal or sensory transcendence
    6. Dharana- Concentration
    7. Dhyana- Meditation or Contemplation
    8. Samadhi- The state of Ecstacy
  • How to get yourself in a mindset that is more likely to help you succeed. Katherine does a lot of work around the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the body’s fight or flight mechanism. There are a number of breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises that can help, which we get into.
  • The importance of keeping your jaw relaxed. When Katherine works with MLB pitchers, she actually has them hold Dorito in their jaw. When they pitch, they’re not allowed to break the Dorito!
  • How to be more ‘intentional’ about what you’re doing. Golfers and athletes can help their performance quite a bit by just thinking deeply and focusing on what they are about to do. Meditation helps with this.
  • Why you need to think of your wellness, fitness, mobility etc. in terms bigger than the gym or the golf course. This is your life and it’s so important to keep moving when you’re not training.

What would be your walk up song to the tee?

ACDC – You Shook Me All Night Long

Parting words of wisdom?

Just do it.

Where to find Katherine Roberts:

Website: http://www.yogaforgolfers.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/robertsyoga

Instagram: @yogaforgolfers


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