58: How Yoga for Golfers is Dropping Scores Around the World, with Katherine Roberts!

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Katherine Roberts from Yoga For Golfers shares her expertise in the world of golf, yoga, professional baseball and sports performance.

Katherine is truly one of the pioneers in golf.  With her company Yoga for Golfers, she has created a global team of yoga instructors that are helping golfers everywhere improve their performance and their lives by helping them move better, feel better and play better.

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Katherine Robert’s Background

  • Katherine RobertsKatherine has been a golfers since she was a little girl
  • Worked for a Fortune 500 company before being introduced to a female golfer that was a 5 handicap and happened to be a yoga instructor.
  • Founder and President, Yoga for Golfers®, 16 years
  • Founder and President Roberts’ Yoga For Baseball™, Roberts’ Kinetic Yoga For Sports™
  • Certified Yoga Instructor, 20+ years
  • TPI, PRI, and FMS, and NG360-certified
  • Nike Swoosh Elite Athlete and Advisory Staff Member
  • Gray Institute Fellow, Applied Functional Science and Chain-Reaction Biomechanics

Highlights from this Episode

  • Katherine tells her story going from working at a Fortune 500 company to becoming a yoga instructor, to building an empire or Yoga For Golf Instructors around the world
  • She explains how she got into the golf and sports world, sharing experiences that she’s had with athletes and clients
  • We discuss the importance of taking a global approach when looking at an individual and how just because you have pain in one spot, doesn’t necessarily mean your problem is there, in fact, often it’s not.
  • We discuss some of the misconceptions of yoga and how it can be very effective in supporting and enhancing an explosive athlete like a golfer.
  • We go in depth about breathing, how to do it right, how to do it wrong, and how that effects everything els that you do.
  • Katherine addresses the golfer that has been stretching their hamstrings for the past 15 years with no significant improvement.  Guess what?!  “IT AIN’T YOUR HAMSTRINGS THAT’S THE PROBLEM”

Katherine Roberts

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Caddyshack (it was a tough call and she tried to avoid it by saying Tin Cup, but I got it out of her)

Who is someone in the golf world that has taught you the most?

Katherine worked a lot with Hank Haney doing clinics and working with clients.  She learned a lot from him.  But possibly the one person that was very influential to her was Joe Torre, former manager of the St. Louis Cardinals (oh, and I think he might have gone to some team in New York after that!).

What are you excited about in your near future?

Katherine is very excited about helping her coaches/teachers grow their businesses and seeing them become successful.  She is also excited for all of the new projects that they have with Yoga for Golfers and Kinetic Yoga, including their Golfer’s profile feature.

Last Piece of Advice

Adherence over Duration wins every time.  Find something you can stick to and will commit to.  Even if its just a few minutes at a time. Consistency beats out long drawn out workouts.

Where to Find Katherine Roberts?

Website: Yoga For Golfers

Twitter: @RobertsYoga

Facebook: Yoga For Golfers

Want to try Yoga For Golfers at Home?  Check out some of Katherine’s products and videos HERE

Other Links Mentioned

Golfer’s Profile: Go to the Yoga For Golfers website and click the “YFG Golfer’s Profile” in the top right corner.

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