59: Why Most Golf Fitness Programs Fail with Ryan Blackburn

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Ryan Blackburn from Orlando Golf Performance shares his expertise and gives us an in inside look at some of the biggest mistakes golfers are making in their fitness program.

Ryan Blackburn works primarily with PGA, LPGA, and mini-tour players in Orlando, FL.  His approach is to make sure his athletes are all moving better first, so they can maximize their strength training in the off-season. Ryan shares some of the secrets of his off-season training and the mistakes he often sees golfers make when they design their own training programs.

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Ryan Blackburn’s Background

  • Owner of Orlando Golf Performance
  • TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Professional
  • Nike Golf Fitness Specialist
  • FMS Level 2
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
  • Russian Kettle Bell Certified (RKC)

Highlights from this Episode

  • Ryan Blackburn
    Rotational Squat

    Ryan tells his story of how he got into the “golf fitness” business

  • We discuss Ryan’s approach to the off season which includes mainly 3 phases:
    • Recovery/correctives
    • Strength Training
    • Power Development
  • Ryan expresses how important the strength training component is for the golfer, not only in the off-season, but during the season to maintain all that was gained in the off-season
  • There are 5 big problems that Ryan sees with many golf fitness programs, especially the ones that are “self-guided” without a fitness professional overseeing them:
    1. Lack of/improper use of Corrective Exercises
    2. Improper use of Stretching
    3. Improper use of/rushing into Power Training
    4. Lack of training in 3 planes of motion (Triplanar Motions)
    5. Isolation vs Integration
  • The Rotational Squat:

Recommended Resources:

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CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore (without hesitation!)

Who would you most like to spend 18 holes with and why?

Arnold Palmer.  He has so many experiences and stories that it would be great to just hear as many as possible.

What are you excited about in your near future?

He has a lot of players coming back starting the Winter Series as well as many getting ready to start their off-season program.

Last Piece of Advice

Listen to as many episodes of The 18STRONG Podcast as possible!  If you are going to be training and designing your own programs, invest the time into learning how to do it right.  Find the resources that suite you and devour them.

Where to Find Ryan Blackburn

Orlando Golf Performance

Twitter: @Ryan_Blackburn

Facebook: Orlando Golf Performance

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